Wolfpack Winter Sports Awards Presented

The Wolfpack Winter Awards Night was held Monday evening, March 16, at St. Boniface gymnasium.
Participants in boys and girls basketball, wrestling, dance and cheerleading were recognized during the program.
Awards were:
Girls Basketball
Student Managers: Araceli Palmer, Kaylee Martinsen and Allyson Wemhoff
Participation Awards: Heather Bauer, Lydia Behnk, Grace Henn, Calli Krebs, Paige Meis, Gracie Bullock, Amy Nelson, Taya Voborny, Kelsey Welding and Kaitlyn Polk
Letter Winners — Jordan Mescher, Liz Selting, Baylee Wemhoff, Nikki Beckman, Jenna Parks, Jill Schindler and Hayley Stamp
2014-2015 — Most Points Scored in One Season: 1248; Old record 1201 2009-2010
2014-2015 — Most Rebounds in One Season: 863; Old record 860 2011-2012
2014-2015 — Most Defensive Rebounds in One Season: 582; Old record 560 2011-2012
2014-2015 — Most Steals in One Season: 307; Old Record 298 2011-2012
2014-2015 — Most Steals in One Game: 27; Old Record 26 2009-2010
2014-2015 — Most Assists in One Season — 311; Old Record 298 09-10
Three individual records were all broken by Jenna Parks. They were:
Most Defensive Rebounds in One Season — Jenna Parks 163; Old Record 148 by Chelsi Mescher 2012-2013
Best Field Goal Percentage — (100 shots minimum) Jenna Parks 44.8%; Old Record was 40% by Jenna Beckman 2009-2010
2014-2015 — Best 3-point Percentage — (50 shots minimum) Jenna Parks 40% (32-80); Old Record was 33% by Chelsi Mescher and Jenna Parks
NVC FINAL FOUR — Lydia Behnk, Calli Krebs, Paige Meis, Jordan Mescher, Amy Nelson, Liz Selting, Baylee Wemhoff, Nicole Beckman, Jenna Parks, Kailtyn Polk, Jill Schindler and Hayley Stamp
1st Team NVC — Jenna Parks
2nd Team NVC — Baylee Wemhoff
NVC Honorable Mention — Liz Selting
Awards voted on by the team and by stats.
Most Improved Player — Jill Schindler
MVP Defense — Jenna Parks
MVP Offense — Jenna Parks
Practice Player of the Year — Jordan Mescher and Liz Selting
Most Valuable Player of the Year — Jenna Parks
Wolfpack Dedication Award — Baylee Wemhoff and Jenna Parks
Participation awards — Brody Hupp
Managers — Luke Henn, Kane VonBonn
Stats — Morgan Childers, Haley Zegers
Letter winners — Geoffrey Carr, Logan Henn, Ryan Pelster and Andrew Fangman
NVC 1st team — Ryan Pelster
NVC 2nd team — Logan Henn and Andrew Fangman
Most improved — Logan Henn
Wolf man award — Ryan Pelster
Outstanding wrestler — Andrew Fangman
Boys Basketball
Varsity Letter Winners — Dylan Behnk, Chad Bode, Jack Borer, Zach Eischeid, Kyle Heithoff, Kyle Kallhoff, Regan Kerkman, Austin Meis, Scott Moser, Evan Schindler and Seth Schumacher
Participation Awards — Kenny Bush, Ashton Evans, Liam Heithoff, Austin Miller, Hayes Miller, Cole Preister and Miles Schrage
Managers — Adam Dreger, Cade Heithoff and Hunter Reestman
Academic All-State — Kyle Heithoff and Seth Schumacher
NVC Honorable Mention — Jack Borer, Kyle Heithoff and Seth Schumacher
Outstanding Hustle Award — (Varsity) Kyle Heithoff and (JV) Dylan Behnk
Most Improved Player Award — (Varsity) Chad Bode and (JV) Cole Preister
Defensive MVP — Seth Schumacher
Offensive MVP — Seth Schumacher
Team MVP — Kyle Heithoff
Team Player Award — Regan Kerkman
Letter Winners — Lisa Dohmen & Kayla Nelson (Co-Captains), Brienne Gossman, Kaitlyn Polk, Zoey Bergman, Taylor Sehi, Jaime Hoefer, Erin Beckman and Brianna Hupp
2014-2015 Outstanding Cheerleader — Lisa Dohmen
Letter Winners — Gracie Bullock, Karissa Dicke, Brienne Gossman, Calli Krebs, Jordan Mescher, Kayla Nelson, Nicki Payne, Jill Schindler, Sharla Schindler, Elizabeth Selting and Taya Voborny
Master Choreographer — Jill Schindler
Most Improved — Sharla Schindler