Wolfpack Winter Sports Awards Handed Out

The Wolfpack Winter Awards Night was held Monday, March 21, at the KC Hall in Elgin.
Numerous awards were handed out to Wolfpack athletes who participated in cheerleading, dance, wrestling, boys and girls basketball.
During the course of the evening, applause filled the hall as students were recognized for their achievements in the different activities.
Coach Randy Eisenhauer presented the Wolfpack girls basketball awards.
“Overall, again what a great group of kids to coach this year.  Us coaches thank you for the many memories that have been created throughout this year and we hope the underclassmen continue to work hard over the offseason to become  better athletes in which turn will make us a better team!” he said.
This group, Eisenhauer said, did break some basketball records.  In the seventh season of Lady Wolfpack basketball team we had six new team records broke and two team records that we tied. We had eight individual records broke all by one athlete.
Team records that were tied this year.
Most Wins in One Season: 19 (tying the mark set by the 2009/2010 team
Most 3-point shots made in One Game: 10 against CWC (tying the mark of 10 by the 2009/2010 team against Cedar Rapids)
Team records that were broke this year.
Most Points Scored in One Season: 1407
Most Points Scored in One Game: 76 (Creighton)
Most Rebounds in One Season: 910
Most Steals in One Season: 351
Most Assists in One Season: 354
Most Assists in One Game: 21
Individual Records Broke:
Most Rebounds in One Season: Jenna Parks — 264
Most Defensive Rebounds in One Season: Jenna Parks — 194
Best Rebounding Average in One Season: Jenna Parks — 9.8
Most Blocks in One Game: Jenna Parks — 4
Most Points in a Career: Jenna Parks — 1226
Most 3-point shots made in a Career: Jenna Parks — 104
Most Steals in a Career: Jenna Parks — 298
Most Assists in a Career: Jenna Parks — 271
NVC Awards
First Team NVC: Jenna Parks
Second Team NVC: Baylee Wemhoff
NVC Honorable Mention: Allyson Wemhoff and Liz Selting
Academic All State: Jordan Mescher and Jenna Parks
2015-2016 Awards voted on by the team and by stats.
Most Improved Player: Allyson Wemhoff
MVP Defense: Jordan Mescher and Liz Selting
MVP Offense: Jenna Parks
Practice Player of the Year: Jordan Mescher
Most Valuable Player of the Year: Jenna Parks
Wolfpack Dedication Award: Jenna Parks and Baylee Wemhoff
Eisenhauer said Parks, over four seasons with the Wolfpack, compiled some impressive numbers. “A couple that stand out to me as a coach is her 1226 points, 298 steals, 271 assist, and 104 3 pointers made which are all Wolfpack records.  Also Jenna played in all 100 games of her high school career.  Not only did she play in all 100 games but she started all 100 games of her career.  What an accomplishment.  Many things have to go your way to achieve this and from her hard work, dedication, desire, and heart to the game of basketball she achieved this.
Awards presented were:
Manager Certificates: Claire Kerkman, Kirsten Krebs, Araceli  Palmer, Skylar Reestman & Allyson Selting.?Player Participation:  Anna Heilhecker, Emma Kerkman, Vada Kruse, Kaylee Martinsen, Heather Bauer, Paige Meis and Amy Nelson
Letter Winners:  Allyson Wemhoff, Lydia Behnk, Calli Krebs, Jordan Mescher, Liz Selting, Baylee Wemhoff, Kaitlyn Polk, Jenna Parks and Jill Schindler.
NVC First Team: Jenna Parks
NVC Second Team: Baylee Wemhoff
NVC Honorable Mention: Allyson Wemhoff and Liz Selting.
Boys Basketball
Wolfpack Boys basketball coach Scott Becker handed out awards.
Recognized were:
Manager Certificates:  Hunter Charf, Adam Dreger, Cade Heithoff and Matthew Starman?Player Participation:  Kenny Bush, Joe Bailey, Hunter Reestman, R. J. Lierman and Kyle Schumacher?Letter Winners:  Dylan Behnk, Kyle Kallhoff, Austin Meis, Scott Moser, Seth Schumacher, Chad bode, Ashton Evans and Liam Heithoff
Individual awards were:
NVC Second Team:  Seth Schumacher; NVC Honorable Mention: Kyle Kallhoff.?Team Hustle Award: Seth Schumacher.?Most Improved Player: R. J. Lierman.?Wolfpack Team Player: Austin Meis.?Offensive MVP: Seth Schumacher.?Defensive MVP: Kyle Kallhoff?Team. MVP: Seth Schumacher
Head Coach Doug Jones and Ass’t. Coach Mike Zegers presented the following awards:
Stats Certificate:  Haley Zegers and Breanna Carr.  ?Manager Certificates:  Luke Henn and Kane Von Bonn.?Participation:  Geoffrey Carr.?Letter Winners:  Logan Henn, Andrew Fangman and Ryan Pelster.?Outstanding Wrestler:  (tie) Andrew Fangman and Ryan Pelster.?Wolfman Award:  Geoffrey Carr.?NVC First Team: Ryan Pelster.?NVC Second Team: Logan Henn and Andrew Fangman
Among the individual Wolfpack records broke were:
Most consecutive pins: Andrew Fangman — 29
Most career victories: Andrew Fangman 134
Cheerleader sponsor Anney Beckman handed out these awards:
Letter Winners:  Kaitlyn Polk and Brianna Hupp (co-captains), Ingvild Bekkeseth, Jaime Hoefer, Taylor Sehi, Taya Voborny, Breanna Carr, Leslie Nichols and Mary Nichols
Outstanding Cheerleader:  Kaitlyn Polk
Team Spirit Award:  Brianna Hupp
Handing out the dance awards was sponsor Lauren Vaisvilas.
She said the team wrapped up a great year by competing at the State Dance Championships, turning in their best performances of the season.
Letter Winners:  Erin Beckman, Gracie Bullock, Karissa Dicke, Jaime Hoefer, Emma Kerkman, Calli Krebs,  Kaylee Martinsen, Jordan Mescher, Paige Nichols, Nicki Payne, Jill Schindler and Taya Voborny
Master Choreographer:  Ka-rissa Dicke and Jill Schindler
Most Improved Dancer:  Jaime Hoefer