Wolfpack “Gatorade” Football Scrimmage Is Saturday

The public is invited to a “Gatorade” scrimmage featuring the Wolfpack varsity football team.
The scrimmage will be held on Elgin Field on Saturday morning, August 22. Admission will be a sports drink. The scrimmage will start at 9:30 a.m.
Altogether, there are 20 boys out for football. They are Dylan Behnk, Chad Bode, Hunter Reestman, Hayes Miller, Andrew Fangman, Seth Schumacher, Ervin Dohmen, Kyle Schumacher, Joseph Bailey, Kyle Kallhoff, Austin Meis, Miles Schrage, Chase Preister, Alois Warner, Scott Moser, Liam Heithoff, Kalin Henn, Nick Iburg, Carter Schindler and Anthony Getzfred. Managers are Adam Dreger, Cade Heithoff and Christian Lundgren. Head coach is Randy Eisenhauer. Assistants are Michael Becker, Steve Busteed, Mark Dwyer, Ben Spiegel and Tyler Reestman. Statisticians will be Andrew Heithoff and Jesse Schindler.