Wolfpack Fall Sports Banquet Held

Wednesday night the achievements of Wolfpack athletes in Fall Sports were recognized at a banquet held at the KC Hall.
Wolfpack football coach Randy Eisenhauer presented awards for the season.
“How do I describe this season? Enjoying and successful,” he said. “As a team we just continued to get better and better each game. I felt like our kids were determined to go out every day and prove we had what it takes. The kids fought all year and battled through a lot of injuries to get through this year. At one time this year we had nine of the 25 kids out with injuries and five of those injuries were season ending. We had many young kids step up and fill in and got some good playing time.:
During the season the Wolfpack set 13 new individual records and four team records. They were:
Individual Records:
Most passing attempts in a game: 25 – Alex Pelster
Most passing attempts in a season: 124 – Alex Pelster
Most passing completions in a game: 18 – Alex Pelster
Most passing completions in a season: 61- Alex Pelster
Most passing yards in a game: 274 – Alex Pelster vs. CWC
Most passing yards in season: 775– Alex Pelster
Most receptions in a game: 8 – Blake Schrage
Most receiving yards in a game: 131 yds – Blake Schrage vs. CWC
Best average yards per reception: 24.7 yards Kyle Heithoff
Most rushing attempts in a game: 30 – Brett Kinney vs. Nebraska Christian. During that game with his 30 carries he ended up rushing for 196 yards which is 2 yards shy of the record for most rushing yards in a game.
Most tackles in a game: 24 – Kyle Heithoff vs. Plainview
Most tackles in a season: 127 – Kyle Heithoff
Most solo tackles in a season: 37 – Kyle Heithoff
Records tied:
2010 Most touchdown passes in a game: 3 – Ross Schindler vs. Kenesaw; 2013 3 – Alex Pelster vs. CWC
2012 Most touchdown passes in a season: 7 – Ross Schindler; 2013 7 – Alex Pelster
Team Records
Most passing yards in a game: 274 yds vs. CWC
Most completions in a season: 61
Fewest opponents’s passing yards in a game: 0 yards Niobrara-Verdigre
Fewest opponents’s passing in a season: 400 yard (58- yard per game) (8 Games)
“To our seniors thanks for everything you have done. It has been a great 3 years being your assistant coach and the last year your head coach. Many memories have been made and I wish all of you good luck in the future,” Eisenhauer said.
2013 Awards
Student Managers (certificate): Geoffrey Carr, Christian Lundgren, Hunter Reestman and Liam Heithoff. Letter: Evan Schindler (1st)
Freshmen — (Certificate) Kenny Bush, Anthony Getzfred, Brody Hupp and Miles Schrage. (Letter) Chad Bode
Sophomores — (Certificate) Tanner Dozler, Trey Baum, Chase Preister and Ryan Pelster. Letter — Kyle Kallhoff, Andrew Fangman, Seth Schumacher, Austin Meis, Scott Moser, Dylan Behnk and Alois Warner
Juniors — (Certificate) Ethan Fischer, Chris Bush, Tyler Smith and Trent Bauer. (Letter) Kyle Heithoff
Seniors — (Letter) Peter Starman, Blake Schrage, Alex Pelster and Brett Kinney
Team Awards
Defensive MVP: Kyle Heithoff
Offensive MVP: Blake Schrage
2013 D-1 6 All District Team
Honorable Mention — Chad Bode and Andrew Fangman
All District Team — Kyle Heithoff, Alex Pelster, Blake Schrage and Brett Kinney
Lincoln Journal Star Honorable Mention: Kyle Heithoff and Blake Schrage
Special Team awards (Kids that lift 40 days) — Dylan Behnk, Chad Bode, Ethan Fischer, Alex Pelster, Andrew Fangman, Ryan Pelster, Seth Schumacher, Kenny Bush, Tyler Smith. Brett Kinney. Kyle Kallhoff, Austin Meis, Miles Schrage, Chase Preister, Alois Warner, Trey Baum, Scott Moser, Blake Schrage, Christopher Bush, Kyle Heithoff, Trent Bauer and Peter Starman
WolfPack Lifter of the Year — Alex Pelster
Coach Tina Thiele-Blecher announced the volleyball awards.
Recognition and awards were:
Lincoln Journal Star — Honorable Mention to Jenna Parks
Niobrara Valley Conference Awards — Honorable Mention to Liz Selting & Mallory Fangman and Jenna Parks made 2nd Team
Letterwinners — Ivy Prater, Stephanie Bode, Madi Voborny, Corin Pelster, Mallory Fangman, Jenna Parks, Baylee Wemhoff, Liz Selting, Nicole Beckman and Taylor Schumacher
Participants — Kayla Nelson, Baylie Schiltmeyer, Sharla Schindler, Hayley Stamp, Jill Schindler, Terri Seier, Whitney Walker, Karissa Dicke, Lexie Heithoff, Katie Polk, Jordan Mescher, Amy Nelson, Taya Voborny, Kelsey Welding, Paige Nichols, Avenley Short, Jaime Hoefer, Taylor Sehi, Gracie Bullock, Emily Seier and Shantel Preister
Managers — Grace Henn, Emma Kerkman, Anna Heilhecker, Nicki Payne and Ally Wemhoff
Team awards (voted on by the players right after the season was over)
Hustle Award: Laid it out every day, in practice and in games. Wasn’t going to let a ball drop and got after it, didn’t dog it in practice — Varsity: Jenna Parks; JV: Jordan Mescher; C Team: Taylor Sehi
Best Defensive Player: Whether it be digging or blocking. Defensively was tenacious. Varsity: Mallory Fangman; JV: Sharla Schindler; C Team: Paige Nichols
Best Offensive Player: Serving, passing, setting or attacking, always ready to make the other team work.Varsity: Liz Selting; JV: Terri Seier; C Team: Amy Nelson
Most improved: Improved the most from last year to this year or from the beginning of the season to the end. Varsity: Taylor Schumacher; JV: Kayla Nelson; C Team: Karrisa Dicke, Shantel Preister, Avenley Short
Most Valuable Player: Who could our team not be without. Had to have on the court, inspired teammates, made big plays when we needed her. Varsity: Jenna Parks; JV: Sharla Schindler; C Team: Amy Nelson
Wolfpack Award: This is the on and off the court leader. Person with positive attitude, cares for the sport, committed entire season and works hard. Varsity: Ivy Prater; JV: Baylie Schiltmeyer; C Team: Avenley Short