Wind Farm Construction Targeted For Summer 2015

With the necessary conditional use permit in hand, Invenergy is optimistic that construction of Prairie Breeze II will begin in less than a year.
With the Antelope County Board of Supervisors approving the permit at their meeting on October 7, the focus will shift to the Nebraska Power Review Board (NPRB).
Sara Birkett, a NPRB para-legal, said Tuesday morning Invenergy will need to file for a Special Generation Application for the authority to construct Prairie Breeze II, a new wind farm consisting of up to 70 wind turbines which will generate 125 MW.
“They will need to complete the same application process,” Birkett said. That means once the application is filed, the NPRB will print a public notice in area newspapers announcing the time and date for a public hearing on the application to be held in Lincoln.

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