Wild Game Feed

It was a feast ‘fit for a king.’

There was nary an empty seat to be found at Boomerang’s Wednesday night for the sixth annual Wild Game Feed.  The event was free to all and open to anyone willing to try foods they may not have tasted before or in a long time.

Beginning at 7 p.m., a long line formed near the salads then wound its way around both sides of the pool table. Just what did they find? Here’s a list of the items served: Macaroni & cheese, potato salad, salads and dips, cheesy potatoes, southwest bites, homemade bread, deer chili, deer steak, deer stir fry, sour cream deer enchiladas, deer chili, wild turkey, smothered pheasant, prairie chicken, duck chizlick, turtle dove, seafood enchiladas, baked salmon, alaskan salmon chowder, fried halibut, rabbit, meat and cheese, deviled eggs, and dessert.