Wickett Wins Bull-A-Rama

ELGIN — The bulls came to Saturday night’s Bull-A-Rama ready to put on a show. Boy, did they ever. But a young cowboy with a bright future ahead of him, rode two bulls to victory.
Garrett Wickett, a teenager from Battle Creek, dominated the field of 23 bullriders Saturday night at the event held on the lot immediately west of Dean’s Market.
There were precious few bleacher seats to be had on this night.
With dire weather warnings, the Bull-A-Rama was completed as storm cloulds were creating severe weather conditions to the east.
In the opening round, Wickett was one of just three riders to stay on the bulls a required eight seconds. Wickett had the high score of 85 points after the first round.
Other bullriders who posted scores were Ricky Clouse of Page, with a 75 and Seneca’s Colton Kovarik had a 73.
All three advanced to the short go round as did Cole McCall of Johnstown whose first ride lasted 7.98 seconds. Also advancing to the final round was Dustin Hilkemeier of Winside.
In the short go, the first four bullriders were bucked off by the bulls. As Wickett entered the chute, he was guaranteed a victory by virtue of his first round score.
Yet, as champions often do, they earn it. Riding “Fear Factor,” the 15-year-old rode the bull, posting a score of 81 points to claim the victory.
In the final standings, Clouse finished second and Kovarik placed third.
Bull riders came to Elgin from Newman Grove, Blue Hill, Johnstown, Pierce, Page, Pierce, Atkinson, Winside, Columbus, Elkhorn, Osceola, Ord, Battle Creek, Silver Creek, Springfield, Clarkson, Seneca and Bloomfield.
Also competing on this night was Elgin’s own Jake Bode whose ride was short-lived in the opening round and he did not advance to the finals.