Voborny 1st, Stoltz 2nd in Football Contest

In the final regular season Elgin Review Football Contest, two earlier winners battled it out for the top prize.

Previous winners David Voborny and Jack Stoltz each missed just five games to tie for the top spot. In the tiebreaker, each contestant was to guess the amount of total yards combined between Kansas and Missouri. Voborny guessed 679 while Stoltz guessed 598. The actual figure was 1,100 total yards between the two teams. As a result, Voborny wins the first place prize while Stoltz will receive the runner-up prize.

Results of last week’s games were:

South Carolina over Clemson

BYU over Utah

Washington over Washington State

Utah State over Idaho

LSU over Arkansas

East Carolina over Southern Miss

Wake Forest over Duke

Connecticut over Syracuse

Boston College over Maryland

North Carolina State over North Carolina

Georgia over Georgia Tech

SMU over Tulane

Virginia Tech over Virginia

UNLV over San Diego State

Missouri over Kansas

Tennessee over Kentucky

Mississippi State over Mississippi

Stanford over Notre Dame

Oklahoma over Oklahoma State

Florida over Florida State

Football fanatics will have several weeks to prepare for the final Elgin Review Football Contest which will feature the bowl season.