Veterinary Clinic Moves To New Location

Neither snow, nor wind nor cold temperatures this weekend could stop the staff at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic (T&CVC) from getting ready for their move to a new location here in Elgin.
At 4 p.m. on Monday, it became official. They are now downtown at 119 S. 2nd Street – the former Village Craftsman building adjacent to the KC Hall.
According to T&CVC partner Dr. Jeremy Young, their former building had seen better days.
“It had been used as the veterinary building since the mid-90s,” he said.
Before then, it was a private residence. Time has taken a toll on the structure and the building has passed beyond a repairable state.
Young says the Elgin Area Development Corporation has an agreement to purchase the lot with plans to tear down the structure and develop it.
Young, with the help of family and his Elgin staff (Kari Schindler and Chris Redding), has spent the last week or so doing a lot of packing, patching and painting.
“We have almost triple the space of the old building,” Young explains.
“We’ll eventually be able to do large animal services indoors and we’re working on an indoor kennel area.  Over time, we’ll be able to expand our services and capacity”.
In the meantime, Young and staff will be just trying to settle in and continue doing what they’ve been doing.