Vetch Days Celebration Begins Monday

As celebrations go, the upcoming Vetch Days Celebration here in Elgin promises to be one of the best in the area this summer.

Beginning Monday afternoon June 28 and concluding Wednesday night, June 30, the event promises something for everyone, all free to the public.

Vetch Days, activities will get underway on Monday afternoon, June 28, with water fights at their customary location east of the Fire Hall at 3 p.m. Denis Henn is the chairperson for the event which promises to soak all contestants and even some of the onlookers. Last year, both children and adults competed in the competition.

Later on Monday, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Elgin Community Center will be serving walking tacos and sloppy joes to satisfy all those hungry appetites. Everyone is welcome to taste the goodies!

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