Vacancies Filled at Elgin Public Schools

Vacancies on the teaching and administrative staff at School District #18 appear to have been resolved.

At a meeting last month, the school board approved letting teachers Nicole and Phil Simpson as well as high school principal Corey Fisher out of their signed contracts for the 2009-2010 school year to allow them to accept jobs with other school districts. The Simpsons are returning to Burwell, their hometown. Fisher has been hired as principal at Ravenna High School.

District #18 Board President Steve Heithoff said new teaching contracts for the voc-ag and elementary teaching positions have been filled.

Hired as new voc-ag instructor was Patrick Beres of Herreid, S.D. He taught voc-ag at the school there last year.

Signing a contract as a kindergarten teacher for the 2009-2010 school year was Kate Zost of Albion.

As for the principal position, Heithoff said the school has received a verbal commitment from Jimmy Feeney III from Boulder, Colo., to fill Fisher’s position.

Also, Heithoff said the school district has filled the bookkeeper position previously held by Andrea Fisher. Hired for the position was Annie Beckman of Elgin.