Unofficial Election Results – Trump Wins, Death Penalty Re-instated In Nebraska

The polls closed at 8 but it took quite a bit longer for the results to be announced.

On the national level, the Republican ticket of Donald Trump and Mike Pence were elected as President/Vice President. Those results were reflected in Antelope county votes cast.  Trump/Pence received 83.29% of the votes (2,717). Clinton/Kaine received 11.68% of the county votes (381). The Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld received 3.16% (103) and the Stein/Baraka ticket received .58% (19).

In Elgin races, re-elected to the Elgin Public School Board were Stanley Heithoff (425), Steve Busteed (591) and Doug Jones (564). Michael Braband received 203 votes.  Lisa Welding (547) ran unopposed and will serve on the board for a two-year term.

Councilmen Don Mackel and Jim Kittelson, both running unopposed, were re-elected to four-year terms.

The issue involving the Antelope County Agricultural Society went down to defeat by a margin of 1,630 to 1,232.

In County Commissioner races, Charlie Henery won re-election in District #4 while newcomer Eli Jacob was elected in District #2.

Elected to the Elgin City Council were Jim Kittelson (130) and Don Mackel (160).

Upper Elkhorn NRD Subdistrict 7 had one position open. Elected to the position was Mark Schrage (1,269). Keith Heithoff received 1,226.

Another local race was for the Subdistrict #7 seat on the Upper Elkhorn NRD. Mark Schrage defeated Keith Heithoff 1,269 to 1,226.

Running unopposed, Albion’s Tom Briese was elected to the State Unicameral in District #41. He will replace Kate Sullivan who, due to term limits, did not seek re-election.

All election results are unofficial.

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