Travel ban should be lifted on Thursday

Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska floods roads closed roads damaged emergency
Raging waters has caused extension damage throughout Antelope County. E-R photo
Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska floods roads closed roads damaged emergency travel ban
Raging waters have caused extension road damage throughout Antelope County. E-R photo

Update on travel ban: Antelope County Emergency Manager Bob Moore and Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich would like to express a sincere thank you to the residents of Antelope County, and the traveling public during the recent flooding and the days following.

Travel ban

With the travel ban in place, it was possible to get a great assessment of the current road conditions. On Monday, numerous volunteers and employees spent the majority of the day identifying and marking damage from the recent flood. Today, we are working diligently to mark roads that need to be closed. The completion of this is expected for 8:00 PM Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 the Emergency Management Team will meet with school superintendents and bus drivers at 1:00 PM to discuss road conditions and various road issues in the County.

If Antelope County does not receive any unfavorable weather, the travel ban should be able to be lifted at 6:00 AM on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Travel will resume on roads not otherwise marked.

Closed roads to be marked

Antelope County is using orange fence and posts for barriers. If the barriers are in place, please do not bypass these barriers. Road Conditions beyond the barriers are not safe for public travel.

The Emergency Management Team cannot be more appreciative of the respect, cooperation and helpfulness as they work through the damage assessment. They ask for continuation of the same as they move forward with repairs and construction. It was with a great deal of help and hands on that we have accomplished so much in so little time. Thank you to all.

Please respect the barriers and road personnel during this time and in the future.

-Antelope County Emergency Management Team

Sheriff Robert Moore, Emergency Manager

Casey Dittrich, Road Superintendent

Michael Mortensen, Deputy Emergency Manager

Charlie Henery, Region 11 Emergency Manager Representative

Map of Antelope County Roads and their condition as of March 19, 2019

Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska road conditions flooding travel ban emergency
Roads throughout Antelope County are in varied conditions. This map is being updated on a on-going basis. E-R photo