Possible tornado causes damage

Elgin, Nebraska Antelope County, Nebraska Elgin Review
Debris from a one-time machine shed littered the area at the Beckman home.
Elgin, Nebraska  Antelope County, Nebraska Elgin Review  tornado
Tornado?  The building is gone but the equipment stored inside – and the augers parked next to it – remain just as they were prior to the presumed tornado. Elgin Review

ELGIN — Hot and humid conditions Friday led to a line of severe thunderstorms and possible tornado that night which did extensive damage around rural Elgin.
Crews from Elkhorn Rural Public Power District were called out late Friday night and worked through the night to restore power in areas affected by the storm.
The worst damage may have been on land owned by Leonard and Ann Beckman. One building was destroyed and several were severely damaged, and a center pivot was flipped over. Family and friends were busy Saturday morning cleaning up the debris as a result of the storm which, one said, was believed to have been a twister. Ann fortunately slept through the damage (sleeping in the basement) and was unaware of what had occurred until she awoke and started her day to find water on the floor in the office. Damage was done to mainly one side of the house but it doesn’t appear to be extensive at this time. The home lost power last night – as did much of the area. She said power was restored about mid-morning.

No official confirmation has been received from the National Weather Service as to the category of the storm.
One mile of county road was shut down due to power poles being snapped and laying on the road.

Elgin, Nebraska  Antelope County, Nebraska Elgin Review tornado
A number of poles were snapped during the late night storm and possible tornado. Elkhorn Rural Public Power crews worked throughout the night to restore power.

Power was off in Elgin, as a result of the storm, for approximately two hours Friday night.
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