TeleBeep Wireless Internet Coming to Elgin

The wireless Internet provider TeleBeep will soon be coming to Elgin.

By the end of October, if plans come to fruition, Elgin residents will be able to receive high speed, wireless Internet service at most locations in the community. Tom Schommer, owner of TeleBeep in Norfolk, asked for and received permission, on a 4 to 0 vote, to install the necessary equipment on the city’s water tower located near Elgin Public Schools.

He said TeleBeep provides wireless Internet services in many of the surrounding communities including Neligh and Clearwater. “We’re all over,” he said.

Water towers are a good place to install the necessary equipment, he said, so too are grain elevator legs.

“We want to partner with the City,” Schommer said. As part of such a partnership, the City of Elgin will be provided with a free broadband connection as well as free pager services for fire, rescue and police department. City Clerk Vicki Miller said those free services would save $1,180.20 annually.

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