Recognizing TeamMates Mentors

Board members of TeamMates of Elgin attached a message to the muffins being given to mentors and mentees. Elgin Review

The TeamMates of Elgin chapter will be recognizing mentors and mentees tonight at the EPPJ Wolfpack vs Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family basketball game — between the girls and boys basketball game.

This week, the chapter had muffins made for each mentor and mentee, celebrating National Mentor Month (January). Due to the snow day, a few won’t get their treat ’til next week!

If you would like to be a mentor, there is a child waiting for you!  Contact Krista Eisenhauer or Sonia Rittscher at EPS, 402-843-2455, to find out more.

Muffin but love for the mentors/mentees! Elgin Review