Surveys, Property Lines and Plantation Street

Property lines and surveys can cause problems.

That’s the message Elgin business owner Leonard Orlowski shared with the Elgin City Council Monday night.

More than a year ago, Orlowski purchased the Plantation Bed and Breakfast. Since that time, he’s had some concerns about the property lines.

He said he recently had a survey done and has come to the conclusion that most of Plantation Street is on his property. He said the adjoining properties have the same problem.

“The problem is exascerbating,” Orlowski said. “In case of an accident on the street I could be liable.” He went on to say that the title needs to be cleared up, something has to be done to make it (the street) city property.

“I want to inform you this is the way it is,” he said, “I have contacted the title insurance company and the previous owner.”

City Attorney Ron Temple said the quickest way to resolve the issue is to work with surveyor Steve Rasmussen to legally describe the portion of land in question, then have Orlowski authorize a quitclaim deed to the city. That would give Orlowski a new southwest boundary to the property.

Orlowski said he would be satisfied with that action as long as it is legal at the county level. He claimed earlier in the meeting that the county had not been very helpful, saying his property stopped at the edge of the street.

“That will solve the problem as it relates to the city and the city problem as it relates to you,” Temple said. He noted that two different surveys of the property were done in 1959 and again in 1984.

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