Survey Results May Lead To City Of Elgin Receiving Grants

The Elgin City Council is asking for your help so that we might apply for grant funds to help pay for several projects in the community.
As a result, we have asked the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD) to assist us in developing a community attitude survey as well as an income survey.
Everyone within Elgin’s corporate limits will receive a 2016 Community Attitude Survey, which asks you to rate a number of services in the community. Please return your completed survey to the City Office.
If you prefer to complete the survey online, please do so at the following: .
Many residents will also notice an income survey included with their survey packets. This is being conducted to determine if the City of Elgin is still eligible for certain grants. NENEDD randomly chose 251 households to receive this survey.
According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, ALL of these surveys must be completed and returned in order for the results to be considered valid. The surveys should be returned to NENEDD because their staff members will tabulate the results. This is done to maintain residents’ confidentiality. A post-paid envelope addressed to NENEDD is included with your survey packet. Anyone with questions about this survey should direct them to Jan Merrill, NENEDD Community Planner. Ms. Merrill can be reach by phone at (402) 379-1150 ext. 109 or by email at
It is extremely important that you complete the survey.  This will help identify community needs, which in turn will assist in determining what grant funds Elgin is eligible to receive.
City Clerk Vicki Miller said all surveys must be returned to help make the city eligible for state and federal grants. The income surveys are to be returned to the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development. No one locally will see the income surveys until after they are tabulated.
Councilman Don Mackel said 100 percent participation is important. “This is what we need to help us with different projects in town,” he said.
Mayor Mike Schmitt said communities like Petersburg, Clearwater and Tilden receive grants as a result of participating in these surveys.