Supervisors to Meet Tuesday to Discuss Bonds for New County Jail

Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting of the Antelope County Board of Supervisors:


Open meeting/roll call by Chairman or Vice Chairman

State that the open meetings information is posted on the east wall with additional copies

available at the Clerk’s office

8:00 AM Claims

9:30 AM Sherman Township resolution to allow them under the county levy

9:45 AM Ed Jensen and others/528th Avenue between 846 and 849 Road

10:00 AM open bids for Tilden Northwest C-2(312)

10:15 AM open bids for Clearwater North C-2(346)


11:00 AM Discuss/Decision Issue short term or long term bonds for the Antelope County

Law Enforcement Facility/Andy Snyder Smith Hayes

Sign short term and/or long term bond resolution for the Antelope County Law Enforcement

Center/Andy Snyder Smith Hayes

Issue Highway Allocation bonds for the FEMA alternate projects/Andy Snyder Smith Hayes

Oakdale and Neligh Law Enforcement Agreements

Antelope County Historical Society/title to new building

Approval of the August 6, 13, and 20th, regular board minutes and the August 13, 2013

Board of Equalization minutes

Treasurers August fund balance report

August miscellaneous fee report

Sheriff’s August fee report

Clerk of the district court August fee report


The items on the agenda do not necessarily have to be acted on in the above order. The County Board has the right to modify the agenda upon convening, provided the matter is of an emergency nature.