Supervisors to Meet Tuesday, Feb. 5

Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting of the Antelope County Board of Supervisors:
• 9:30 AM One and Six Year Road Program Hearing
• Award the bid for the Old Mill Bridge Project to Theisen Construction and authorize Chairman to sign the contract
• Agreement for laxation of standards Antelope County/Nebraska Department of Roads due to jump span on south end of the Old Mill Bridge/Juracek
• Interlocal Agreement with the City of Neligh, Antelope County and Sam Schwager easement to go across property for bridge work/Juracek
• Correspondence
• Interlocal Maintenance Agreement between the Village of Oakdale and the County/Brandt
• Designate method(s) for giving notice of County Board meetings
• Approve liquor licenses for Antelope Country Club, Grove Lake Bait Shop, Plainview Country Club, Summerland Golf Club and Mr. S’s
• Clerk of the district court December fee report
• Sheriff’s December fee report
• Application for permit to place a permanent electric line beneath 513 Avenue SW1/4 Section 34, Stanton Township/Jeff Schindler
• Application for permit to place permanent electric line beneath 518 Avenue NE1/4 Section 17, Elgin Township/Robert Koenig
• Application for permit to place permanent electric line beneath 836 Road NW1/4 of Section 28, Lincoln Township/Bill Kaczor
• Application for permit to place permanent electric line beneath 514 Avenue between Sections 26 & 27, Clearwater Township/Gary Thiele
• Resolution by Board of Directors of Depository Bank/The Tilden Bank and the Bank of Elgin
• Approval of the December 3, 2012 and December 10, 2012 regular board meeting minutes, December 26, 2012 special meeting minutes; January 2nd, 2013 and January 8, 2013 regular board meeting minutes
• New Extension Office position/Anita Hall
The meeting, to be held in the supervisors’ room at the Antelope County Courthouse in Neligh is open to the public.