Supervisors to Meet March 6

The Antelope County Board of Supervisors will meet in regular sesson on Tuesday, March 6.
Items on the agenda are:
• 9:00 AM Eldean Reinke/cost of new payloader
• 9:30 AM Jeff Rauh/Keystone Project Representatåive
• Application for permit to place permanent electric lines beneath 523 Ave and 862 Rd
Ellsworth Township/Darrell Crabtree
• Application to place permanent electric line beneath 516 Avenue crossing from the SE ¼
of Section 36-25-8/Kevin Rittscher
• Review culvert, blade, gravel, armor coating and asphalt oil bid specs and set date to open
bids in April
• Appoint Sheriff Robert E. Moore as deputy emergency manager for Antelope County/Schwager
• Renewal quote for Catastrophic inmate Medical Insurance
• Resolution concerning engine breaking along 513 Avenue in the vicinity of its intersection
With 862 Rd/Williby
• Resolution adding Brunswick Northeast Project No. C-2(363) to the One and Six Road Program
• Replacing the radio’s for the county shops/table from the February 14, 2012 meeting
• Resolution to gate 525 Avenue between Sections 15 and 16, Neligh Township
• Approval of the February 7 and 14, 2012 regular board minutes and the February 14, 2012
Board of Equalization minutes
• Approval of the Bargain Buyway Promotional Fund request/Pedersen
The meeting is open to the public.