Supervisors to Meet August 2

The Antelope County Commis-sioners will meet in open session on Tuesday, August 2.

Agenda items are:

• Open meeting/roll call by Chairman or Vice Chairman

• State that the open meetings information is posted on the east wall with additional copies available at the Clerk’s office

• Correspondence

• 9:00 AM Open bids for dump truck

• 9:15 AM Open bids for chain link fence and pickup

• 10:30 AM jail standards and NIRMA/jail audit

• Discussion on letting bids for jail needs study/Sheriff Moore

• 11:00 AM Roger Hauf/placement of grain bin

• Class C Liquor License renewal/Gallery Grill % Allan Bentley

• Eddie Schindler/wall erosion in law library

• Preliminary levy requests from townships, fire districts and other subdivisions

• Resolution signing of the Federal Funds Purchase Program Agreement/Nebraska Department of Roads

• Set employee’s wages for 2011/2012

• Sheriff Moore and Joe Abler/Law enforcement agreements

• Antelope County Veteran Aid Fund Annual Report for fiscal year 2010/2011

• Authorize the Chairman to sign the Notice to Proceed for the Neligh NE Project Agreement Old Mill Bridge

• Overlaying and armor coating miles for each district/Schwager

• Authorize the Chairman to sign the Subgrant Agreement between the Nebr Health and Human Services and Antelope County/Judy Cole

• Approval of the July 5th, 2011 and July 12, 2011 regular board minutes and the July 13, 2011 Board of Equalization minutes

• Appointment of non-elected representative to the NE Nebr Economic Development Council


The items on the agenda do not necessarily have to be acted on in the above order.  The County Board has the right to modify the agenda upon convening, provided the matter is of an emergency nature.