Supervisors Reduce Size of New Jail

Development of a new jail to house inmates in Antelope County took another step forward last week.
Meeting Tuesday, Dec. 11, the Antelope County Board of Supervisors approved the construction of a 20-bed jail facility. Originally, the county had considered building a 30-bed jail/law enforcement complex.
According to Supervisor LeRoy Kerkman, who serves as chairperson for the seven-member board, the projected cost for the 20-bed facility is now $5,958,710.
“There’s several questions whether we needed to go that big,” he said about the original 30-bed jail. “Obviously, it is a big concern for taxpayers,” said Kerkman.
By cutting the number of beds by one-third, it is expected the cost of the complex will be less than the $6.9 million pricetag for the 30-bed jail/complex.

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