Supervisors Grant Approval to Six Permit Requests

Permits — whether to approve or deny — were presented to the Antelope County Board of Supervisors when they met last week.

Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Supervisors approved six permits in all. They went to:

• Tom Allemang — Two permits were approved for Allemang to pump water from his settlin basin to a holding pond belonging to him. According to public information, Allemang will place an electric line and a pipe line beneath two roads in the Frenchtown Township (856 Road and 515 Avenue).

• City of Tilden — Two permits were approved for Tilden’s waste water treatment lagoon facility. Plans call for a sewer line and an electric line to be placed beneath 844 Road between Section 13 in Antelope County and Section 18 in Madison County.

• Chris Moser — Moser, of rural Clearwater, received a permit to place an electric line beneath 513 Avenue, between Sections 15 and 16 in Clearwater Township. Plans call for the electric line to supply electricity to an irrigation system.

• Les Anson — Anson received a permit to power and flow water to an irrigation system in rural Brunswick. Plans call for an electric line and water pipe to be placed beneath 866 Road between Sections 22 and 27 in Eden Township.

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