Supervisors Act on Bids

The acceptance of bids was the focus of the Antelope County Board of Supervisors when they met last week.

Four times the supervisors unanimously voted to accept bids as part of a process to move forward with armor coating, gravel, culverts, blades and asphalt once the weather changes for the better.

Two bids were submitted for armor coating and the supervisors accepted the low bid of $1,589.60 per mile submitted by The Road Guy Construction Company, Inc.

Eight gravel bids were submitted for the supervisors’ consideration. After viewing the bids, the supervisors voted to accept all gravel bids. They were submitted by John Prouty Construction, Hinrichsen Sand & Gravel, Pollock Redi Mix, Backus Sand & Gravel, Vakoc Construction, Mitteis Gravel, Matteo Sand & Gravel and Willow Creek Sand & Gravel. The low bids were submitted by Pollock Redi Mix and Mitteis Gravel, each at $7.25 per yard.

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