Supervisor Says Some County Roads Might Not Be Re-Oiled

Increasing supply costs and trying to not squeeze land owners in terms of taxes could likely lead to a change in how some Antelope County roads are surfaced in future years.
Residents using County Road 836 south and west of Elgin are singing the praises of the newly repaired oil road while others continue to grumble and curse potholes and broken up surfaces on many of the other hard-surfaced roadways in the area.
Last Thursday, Antelope County Supervisor LeRoy Kerkman sat down with The Elgin Review and discussed the growing difficulties the county is facing in repairing its roads and bridges.
When looking at the 2014-15 budget year, Kerkman pointed out the dollars they had to work with. “Last year was 3.8 million dollars that we had to spend on our Road and Bridge Fund,” he said. Out of the 3.8 million comes all expenses associated with roads and bridges. Those would include road department employee salaries and expenses, buildings/building upkeep, equipment/equipment upkeep, utilities, chemicals and more.
He pointed out however, that the biggest bite out of the roads’ budget involves those hard-surfaced roads.

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