Superintendent Says District #18 Tax Levy To Drop

District #18 School District Superintendent Dan Polk gave school board members a brief description of what he foresees the 2014-2015 school budget to be.
Polk’s remarks were made Thursday night during the August meeting of the District #18 Board of Education.
The superintendent said the school will have a growth of just 2.5 percent this year. That translates to a growth in spending of just $119,382, he said. Of that amount, he said 70 percent will go to increases in teachers’ salaries, insurance costs and extra duty assignments.
Earlier today, Antelope County Assessor Heather McWhorter released new valuations for Antelope County. For School District #18, the new valuation is $568,185,395, up from $404,707,805 one year ago. Polk said the valuation increase should decrease the school’s total tax levy from 61 cents. He said taxpayers should notice a decrease in the tax levy for the school district due to the valuation increase.

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