Superintendent Says Budget Levy Won’t Increase

Meeting Thursday night, the District #18 Board of Education heard Superintendent Dan Polk offer some preliminary data on the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget which has yet to be adopted.
Polk said county valuations are to be released on August 20. Then, and only then, can he begin to put together a budget to be presented for a public hearing and voted on in September.
Still, he was able to provide a hint of what the budget may look like.
Polk said the 2013-14 budget levy “will remain the same or be down” from one year ago.
Last year, the school board approved a tax request of $2,554,356.39 and a tax levy of 0.690500. That number was down from the 2011-12 budget levy of 0.713359.
Polk said the school district, by law will only be able to ask for $37,000 more in a tax request from what they received one year ago.

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