State Senators Coming To Norfolk For Tax Hearing September 26

State Senator Galen Hadley, Chair of the Tax Modernization Committee, has released the agenda for the public hearings to be held by the Committee during September and October.
The Committee was created during this past legislative session by Legislative Resolution 155, which requires the Committee to hold five (5) public hearings across the state on topics of tax reform. Please see the attached “Schedule of Public Hearings” for locations, dates and times.
LR155 also requires the Committee to issue a report by mid-December that makes recommendations for any changes, if necessary, to Nebraska’s tax system.
Over the past several months, the Committee has held three public Working Meetings and two Executive Working Meetings. The purpose of those meetings was to provide committee members with important background information, an overview of Nebraska’s existing tax system, and analysis of that system by national experts on tax policy, economics and tax reform initiatives.
District #41 State Senator Kate Sullivan is joined by 13 other state senators on the committee. They were able to meet with these experts and with each other to debate potential areas for further analysis.
From these discussions, the Committee has identified certain tax issues and potential options that could be used to address these issues. Please see the attached “Issues and Options List” for details.
The Committee welcomes public comment on these issues and options, and on other tax issues the public would like to include in the discussion. The issues and options are not recommendations of the Committee but are intended to generate public comment. The Committee would like to hear comments on these issues and options, but would also like to hear comments on other tax matters of importance to Nebraskans.
The issues and options are divided into three categories – property tax, individual and corporate income tax, and sales and use taxes. The hearings will be recorded and transcribed but will not be broadcast or live streamed. Please watch our website for any changes or developments.
The public hearing schedule is as follows:
• Monday, September 23 – Harms Advanced Technology Center, Western Nebraska Community College, Scottsbluff, 4:00 – 7:00 pm. (Mountain Time)
• Tuesday, September 24 – Mid Plains Community College, North Platte, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.
• Thursday, September 26 – Northeast Nebraska Community College, Lifelong Learning Center, Norfolk, 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

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