State Fire Marshal Asked To Investigate Hay Bale Fires Early Saturday Morning

The State Fire Marshal’s office has been notified today (Saturday) regarding two suspicious hay bale fires this morning.
Elgin Fire Chief Jim Kittelson said Elgin firefighters were called out at approximately 6 a.m. to a hay bale fire at Alan Welding’s place. He estimated 36 hay bales were on fire.
At the same time, 30 hay bales were reported on fire nearby, approximately one mile south of Rick Miller’s place. Kittelson said there were as many as 30 hay bales on fire there.
“It was not spontaneous combustion,” the fire chief said.
Elgin firefighters have been busy the last two days. At approximately 12:14 a.m. Saturday, Kittelson said firefighters were called to put out a tractor fire at Rick Miller’s place.
On Friday, firefighters were summoned to Ken Meis’ place where a tractor was on fire as well as 12 hay bales.
“The tractor was a total loss,” the fire chief said. He estimated firefighters were at the scene for nearly three hours.