St. Boniface/PJCC New Student Visitation Day Is Monday

Pope  John XXIII and St. Boniface Catholic Schools in Elgin will be having New Student Visitation Day on Monday, April 11.
Prospective students can spend the day exploring what the schools have to offer.  Incoming Pre-K students can visit the classroom from 8:00-11:40 am.  They will spend the morning exploring a variety of enrichment activities that foster social, physical, emotional and academic development.
The St. Boniface Pre-K program provides young children an opportunity to learn through discovery and play. The Pre-K program is a five day program for four year-olds held in the mornings.
Students in grades K-6 will spend the morning in the classroom, eat hot lunch, and enjoy an afternoon matinee of Pope John’s musical. Current 6th-11th graders will spend the school day with a “host student” attending regular classes, eat hot lunch and attend a matinee of Pope John’s musical.  The day will start at 8:00 am and end at 3:43 pm. If your student is in need of bus service to attend, please let the school know so arrangements can be made.
NHS students and administration will be available from 8 a.m.- 9 a.m. to give tours of the schools and answer questions. Students of all faiths are welcome to attend. Tuition scholarships and grants are available and application forms may be picked up at this time as well. If you or your student is unable to attend, please contact the school to schedule a different time. School phone is 402-843-5325 or email