Sixty Towers Up For Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Farm

Weather hasn’t slowed down progress on construction of the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm.
Located south of Elgin, including some wind turbines in northern Boone County, construction of 118 wind turbines are estimated to be completed sometime in the first quarter of 2014, according to Alissa Krinsky, spokesperson for Invenergy, owner of the wind farm.
“Thanks to our hardworking crew, our construction timeline remains on-schedule for the Prairie Breeze Wind project,” according to Project Manager Chris Carter.
Asked for an update last week, Krinsky said the 201 MW project continues to move forward on several fronts.
At this time, 95 bases have been completed, meaning there are only 23 more to be built.
She said 60 wind towers have been completed. That number breaks down to 59 in Antelope County and one in Boone County. That leaves 58 towers remaining to be completed (approximately one-half of the entire wind farm).

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