Signs recognize donors to Elgin’s new swimming pool

By Skylar Reestman
Student Intern
Elgin’s new pool is officially one year old, doing what it was designed to do — provide residents young and old a great place to relax and enjoy everything a modern pool has to offer.
Persons entering the pool now can see the names of the individuals and businesses who made large donations to make this possible, their names forever displayed on new donor signs. Names listed on the donor signs are those who gave $1000 or more.
The idea behind the signs was to thank all the donors and show them how grateful the town of Elgin is. The donations have been much appreciated, and more importantly, their donations were to the community. So, the pool committee and the City of Elgin came to an agreement on having donor signs made in order to show what was put in to make this possible.
Together, the committee and city had to make many decisions on the creation of the donor signs. City Clerk Vicki Miller contacted Love Signs to look through some designs/examples to find some options. One in particular stood out to her from the Schuyler’s ball field park signs. The design was approved by the committee and city officials at a cost of approximately $2,400.
City Clerk Miller played a huge role in having these signs made. Michael Moser and the rest of the pool committee contributed by giving the names of all the people who donated $1000 or more in the order of who contributed the most and helping to make decisions on the signs. Although the pool committee was involved, it was mainly a priority for the city to have these signs put onto the new establishment.
More improvements
The pool and signs are now finished, however there are still more improvements to come with the pool. In July, there will be pool shades installed both inside the pool and outside the pool for people to watch their kids, stay out of the sun and relax.
Moser said, “It is good for the community to be done.” In addition he said with how quickly the pool was finished, the project will hopefully bring more people to Elgin and give the town something to enjoy as a community.”
Fundraising is now starting so it can be fully paid off. Miller stated that by 2031, 15 years, the bonds should be paid off. However, this also depends on any other donations and funds given to the pool projects.
“None of this would be possible without the Tunink family’s donation,” Miller said. “They were the biggest donors and had made it an option for us to renovate the pool in such a quick amount of time. Without their huge donation, it would not have been achieved anytime soon.”
There is now discussion between the pool committee and the city to have fundraisers to finish paying off the pool. Although there is discussion, there is no word yet on what type of events will be held for the fundraiser.
Overall, the signs are a representation of how important the pool is to our community and recognize all of the people who gave money to make this possible. Hopefully, the pool will bring lots of joy and excitement to the town.