Severe Storm Weekend Felt Here, Petersburg

A storm system which produced 75 tornadoes across the central part of the country, left its mark here Saturday.
Many windows were broken in and around Petersburg as large hail rained down from the sky as one cell passed through the area mid-day. According to Boone County Sheriff David Spiegel, golf ball- to baseball-sized hail hit Petersburg around noon Saturday. Accompanying the hail was 3 1/2 inches of rain. Together, they created numerous problems for citizens there.
Just how bad was the damage? The Elgin ambulance happened to be a mile north of Petersburg on the way back from a transfer when the storm hit. The windshield took the brunt of the damage from the numerous hail stones. The passenger side mirror was broken out and top of the ambulance is littered with dents. While its able to be used, it’ll will be a little battered looking until repairs can be made.

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