Schools To Welcome Back Students Friday

By Terri Seier
Back to school advertisements are attacking us everywhere. Students are buying school supplies before they are put through their daily routine of classes and homework. Some students will complain and cry at the sound of school starting, but there are the young few WHO are excited to be put into a routine and see all of their friends again.
Teachers must be the most excited as they decorate their rooms and make up a syllabus for the school year.
They are ready to fill the minds of children with the knowledge of their past, present and future. They are skilled artist painting a model image for each student that crosses their path.
This year the bus routes are the same as last year. Elgin Public will be running the North and West, Neligh and Ewing, bus routes while Pope John’s bus will be running the South, Raeville and Petersburg, route. This will be starting up on the first day of school on Friday, August 14.
On Friday both schools will be dismissing at one o’clock and will be running shortened class periods to run through the schedule and make sure that there are no problems.
For both schools the half-a-day is to allow the students to learn their schedule and also for the teachers to introduce their classes with their syllabus. “It’s more of an orientation day.” Pope John Principal Betty Getzfred said about the first day.
Elgin Public Principal Greg Wemhoff agreed, saying, “The half-a-day is good because it helps get the house cleaning out of the way with handing out books and assigning the students’ lockers.” This allows the teachers, he added, to start lecturing on the first full day, Monday August 17.
Both Wemhoff and Mrs. Getzfred are excited to start the school year as well. The summer projects that have been keeping the school busy are all done and ready for the bustling school life of students and teachers.
“All of the teachers are excited to be back in school and working with the students. We’re wrapping up just a couple of our finishing projects and putting on the finishing touches, but we will be ready for school on the 14th,” Wemhoff said.
Pope John is even having an open house on Wednesday August 12 (tonight), for the parents and students to bring their supplies in and decorate their lockers.
“There will also be a grill out where everyone can sit down and visit with each other while eating.” Mrs. Getzfred said.
Overall, the parents are happy to get their children out of the house and to school, the students are excited to see their friends, and the teachers are ready to fill the youthful minds. It is a school year worth preparing for and will be one to remember.