School Enrollment Numbers Announced

Enrollment numbers are up at Elgin Public Schools and Pope John, but dropped at St. Boniface Elementary School.
Numbers were announced last week at the three schools.
At Elgin Public, there are 186 students in pre-school through 12th grades. The number is UP 13 students from one year ago at the same time. This year’s class sizes ar

Preschool 20
Kindergarten 15
First Grade 12
Second Grade 11
Third Grade 12
Fourth Grade 11
Fifth Grade 9
Sixth Grade 13
Seventh Grade 11
Eighth Grade 15
Freshmen 14
Sophomores 16
Juniors 14
Seniors 13
At Pope John, there are 92 students in grades 7 through 12. That’s up two students from one year ago. Class sizes this year are:
Seventh Grade 15
Eighth Grade 12
Freshmen 17
Sophomores 12
Juniors 14
Seniors 22.
At St. Boniface Elementary, there are 52 students in preschool through sixth grade. The number is down eight students from one year ago. Current class sizes are:
Preschool 7
Kindergarten 6
First Grade 2
Second Grade 9
Third Grade 4
Fourth Grade 9
Fifth Grade 11
Sixth Grade 4