School District Valuation Rise Not As High As Last Year

Valuation figures were announced for school districts across Antelope County last week.
Valuation figures released last week by county assessors in Antelope, Wheeler and Boone Counties for District #18, when added together, show an increase from one year ago.
The new valuation for School District #18 is $748,709,262. The figure is up from $722,761,812 one year ago. The valuation figure is an important number when preparing the school budget. That’s an increase of $25,947,450 from one year ago.
The numbers break down as follows:
Antelope County — $681,464,805, up from $659,879,268 last year.
Wheeler County — $18,953,203, up from $18,241,116 last year.
Boone County — $48,291,254, up from $44,650,428 last year.
What’s all this mean? Superintendent Dan Polk responded by saying valuations  are finally starting to slow substantially.
“Property taxes; not many two word combinations bring forth the type of emotion that these two words do.  While the talk of the state the last few years, due to our dependence on the Agricultural industry, it’s important to remember that property taxes are determined by the activity of the population.  Valuations have skyrocketed over the last five years especially because the amount of money people are paying for land and in some cases housing, has risen sharply during that period.

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