School Board to Prioritize Necessary Building Repairs

Necessary repairs and improvements to school buildings was discussed Wednesday night at the February meeting of the District #18 Board of Education on February 9.

Buildings and Grounds Chairperson Steve Heithoff spent nearly an hour showing board members photos of areas both inside and outside school buildings which are in need of repairs. Those repairs will have to be prioritized and, in some cases, Superintendent Steve Dennis will need to seek bids for the necessary work before anything is done.

One area which appears will be addressed in the coming months is the bus loading area near the school playground and across the street from the gymnasium. Because of the lack of a proper loading zone and no sidewalk, children are forced to stand in the street before boarding buses. One option would be to create a sidewalk/loading zone which would require the playground fence to be moved in several feet east. However, Heithoff said, that would cut down the playground area.

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