School Board Approves East Parking Lot Construction

Meeting last week, the District #18 Board of Education moved forward on one project and put off “til next year” another project.
The school board, on a five to zero vote (board member Steve Busteed was absent) voted to go forward with construction of a parking lot to be located on the east side of the school gymnasium. As reported last month, the parking lot will be approximately 60’ by 200’ and will have stairs. Entry to the gymnasium will remain on the west side of the structure.
Earlier this month, the Elgin City Council approved a building permit for the parking lot.
Work is expected to begin on the parking lot in the coming weeks.
Then there’s the project which won’t get done this year. As previously reported, the school district had planned to remove sod from the football field and do dirt work which would lessen the crown and fill in low spots. The plan was to remove the sod one day and have the dirt work done, then re-install the sod the following day. Originally scheduled for April, the weather did not cooperate and it became too late in the season, according to Superintendent Dan Polk.