School board accepts Klein resignation “with regret”

Hired in 2011 to teach Spanish, Elgin High School Instructor Amy Klein’s resignation was accepted, with regret, by the District #18 Board of Education last week.
Meeting Wednesday night, June 12, the board voted 4-0 to accept her resignation (board members Ron Bode was absent and Steve Busteed arrived later in the meeting).
Mrs. Klein, one of the  students’ favorite teachers through the years, said she has been blessed teaching students at EPS.
“I have been truly blessed to teach some amazing kids over the last 8 years,” she told The Elgin Review after the meeting.
In addition to teaching Spanish, Klein was the coach of the school’s one act play team.
Klein’s resignation was just one of several items the school board addressed. Others were:
Not necessary — There will be no need for a transportation agreement with Pope John, at the present time, as the school has notified EPS they will not need bus service.
Lunch prices — No change in costs for the school’s lunch program. The school, this year, can claim exemption from mandatory price increases. Prices will remain as they were one year ago – $2.30 for PreK-sixth grade; $2.55 for grades 7-12 and $3.20 for adults.
Safety plan — Approval was given, as is necessary annually, to the school’s safety plan.
Estimates — Superintendent Dan Polk will gather estimates on walkway awnings and eagles’s nest shade to see if there is enough interest to proceed. He will address the issue at the next regular school board meeting which will be held on July 11.
Public hearings — At the July meeting, the board will conduct public hearings on Student Fee Policy #504.19, Bully Prevention Policy #504.20 and Parent Involvement Policy #1005.03.