Schiltmeyers Among Recent Donors To Pool Renovation Project

Bob and Sue Schiltmeyer have farmed south of Elgin for many years now. They’ve benefitted from the many services available here in Elgin.
They made sure all their kids took lessons at the Elgin Swimming Pool and knew how to swim.
Recently, they chose to give back to the community by making a donation to the Elgin Pool Renovation Project.
“All kids should know how to swim” said Sue Tuesday morning.  Bob chimes in that they gave money to the pool fund “because Bob can’t swim.”  He said it should be a requirement (for kids).
Farmers like the Schiltmeyers can take advantage of a unique opportunity by donating grain.
As first reported last week in The Elgin Review, Grain may be used for a State of Nebraska Tax Credit. A commodity contribution for a CDAA tax credit would works like this:
A “purchase settlement” or receipt is provided at the time of transferal of the commodity. This should include the name of the contributing farmer and the name of the recipient, in this case the City. This purchase settlement should also show the value of the commodity and the date of transfer. When the farmer submits their FORM CDAA 1, the “Other” box should be check marked and a copy of the purchase settlement provided. Signature of the project director will provide assurance that the contribution was received on behalf of project #16CDAA04.
So, according to Michael Moser, if around 800 bushels of corn is donated to the City of Elgin, that farmer would qualify for a $1,000 tax credit. The Schiltmeyers are part of a growing number of individuals, families and businesses supporting the pool renovation project.
The project will be funded by three separate components. First, the Gerhard and Amelita Tunink Estate gifted to the ECF $496,000 earmarked for park and pool improvements. Then, in November, Elgin residents approved a bond issue. The third component is the capital campaign. Earlier this year, the City of Elgin was awarded a tax credit from the Community Development Assistance Act.
With a donation of $2,500 or more made to the City of Elgin, donors will receive a $1,000 tax credit to the State of Nebraska to be used within the next five years. This will result in a 40 percent return on your investment.
Potential donors with questions on the tax credit should contact City Hall, Heithoff or Michael Moser.