Scams Alive & Well in Antelope County

The Antelope County Sheriff’s Department and Nebraska State Patrol are actively investigating numerous cases of fraud involving telephone scams being reported in the county. According to Sheriff Bob Moore, his office has received several calls concerning scams in recent weeks.  Two scams they are currently working involve the use of the names of Walmart and the Social Security Administration.

In the Walmart scam, callers claim that the resident has won a cash card to Walmart and to claim their card, they simply need to pay a processing, shipping or some other fee.

In the Social Security scam, callers claim that records have been lost or they are updating files and ask that residents provide their social security numbers, bank account numbers and other vital information. The sheriff’s department urges residents: DO NOT provide any information about your social security number, banking accounts and/or credit cards and other personal information over the phone when you are being contacted.

“You need to be more vigilant,” Moore says when it comes to personal information these days. Many of the scammers are located outside of the United States which makes investigations tougher but not impossible. He also suggested that you contact the Norfolk Social Security Administration office if you have questions concerning any call you receive claiming to be from them.