Sargent Irrigation To Drill Test Well

Bids were opened this week and a selection was made for the drilling of a test well which will one day lead to a new water well for Elgin.
City Engineer John Zwingman told the Elgin City Council Monday night two bids were received for the drilling of the test well. The low bid was submitted by Sargent Irrigation at a cost of $23,273, with work scheduled to be completed by the end of May. The other bid, submitted by Layne Western, came in at $28,298.
Zwingman said typically a test hole is drilled, then well drillers will wait a week, possibly more, before taking water samples. The reason for the test well is due to high arsenic levels in the current water supply.
Mayor Mike Schmitt said between now and May 5, the city will need to flag off where exactly the test well needs to be drilled at a location on the northeast part of town.

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