Reward Offered As Search For Cattle Theft Suspects Continues

The Antelope County Sheriff’s Department has posted a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of a Lyons woman believed to have allegedly stolen cows and calves.
On Monday afternoon, the sheriff’s department posted a notice of the reward on their Facebook page, just days after issuing an arrest warrant for Rebecca M. (Bree) Robbins, 22, of Lyons, as well as any accomplices regarding the theft of 35 cows and 40 calves owned by Wilbur Rakow. The incident alledgedly took place at Rakow’s pasture located northeast of Neligh on June 24.
On Tuesday, Sheriff Bob Moore announced they are searching for Ben Johnson of St. Edward for questioning in regards to the cattle theft. According to information made public from the investigation, the stolen cattle were allegedly sold by Robbins to a couple from the Columbus area.
Rakow has since gotten all the cattle back.
Robbins faces three felony counts. They are theft by deception, over $1,500, a Class III felony; attempt of a Class III felony, a Class IV felony; and theft, unlawful taking over $1,500, a class III felony.
Assisting Antelope County in the investigation are the Nebraska State Patrol and the St. Edward Police Department as well as the Platte County Sheriff’s Department.
Anyone with information about Robbins should contact the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department at (402) 887-4148.