Recycling Program to Continue in Elgin

Cleaning up the Elgin community took center stage at a rather short meeting of the Elgin City Council.

In the space of approximately 35 minutes, the council set the ‘wheels in motion’ with two recycling projects which will benefit the community.

All four members of the city council took part in the discussion of the use of recycling trailers.

City Clerk Vicki Miller explained that the two semi-trailers used to collect recyclables have been in use for over five years. Acquired with grant funds, she said the City could quit using the trailers and pursue another option to meet the public’s needs.

She said one such option would be to work with Green Fiber for their people to come and pick up recycled paper. However, after contacting the business, Miller was told that there is a waiting list and Elgin would have to wait its turn behind 70 other clients.

“We can make more if we keep doing what we’re doing and haul (paper) to them,” Miller said. “But, I need to know what you want to do.”

Were Green Fiber to come to Elgin, it would be on a weekly basis and paper items would no longer need to be sorted. The sorting would be done at their central location. However, it was noted that the City would receive less than they do under the current setup.

Councilman Don Mackel suggested the City get on the waiting list while continuing to do what they have been doing until such time as they are no longer on the list.

Another member of the council, Shirley Nissen said it could be two to three years before they can work out a new arrangement with Green Fiber. Miller said she didn’t think that it would be that long.

The council’s consensus was to get on the waiting list and continue to pursue its currently recycling program.

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