Q125 Steering Committee Hears New Ideas for 2014 Celebration

Representatives of various groups and organizations offered their thoughts as to activities which could take place when Elgin celebrates its’ 125th birthday in 2014.

The Q125 steering committee, which has been meeting for some time now, led a lively discussion Tuesday night, Jan. 17, at the Elgin Community Center.

Jessie Reestman, Gwen Koinzan and Alan Reicks, at one time or another, led the discussion about events for the celebration.

In no particular order, here’s what’s being considered for the celebration which will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 20-22. However, bear in mind, nothing has yet to be finalized and events are subject to change between now and then due to unforeseen circumstances.

Visitors center — A downtown site is being sought to serve as a visitor’s center during the celebration. Also there, Q125 memorabilia could be sold during set hours of the day when the center is open.

Primitive camping — Possibly to be located near Brian Mack’s home will be a primitive campgrounds where campers would be dressed in appropriate costumes to re-enact what it may have been like for settlers coming to Elgin.

Civil war — Steering committee member Donna Mackel said she has been in contact with a group who would be willing to come to Elgin for the celebration and do a Civil War re-enactment. It’s a little known fact there are more than 20 civil war veterans buried in the cemetery north of town.

Style show — Emily Borer said she would be willing to coordinate a style show featuring models wearing clothes from different periods in Elgin’s past.

Socials — St. Boniface Altar Society members are hoping to have an ice cream/pie social during the celebration.

Street dance — Elgin Ko-ed Group (EKG) member Michael Moser shared, along with Reestman, plans of the group to put on a street dance. They have held several fundraisers already and more are planned in the future to raise the necessary funds to bring in a high-priced band for the event.

Fireworks — As part of the celebration, there could be a fireworks display. However, it has yet to be decided what night the display would be held.

Quilts — Members of the St. Boniface Quilters would like to hold a quilt show.

Tour — The Elgin Young N’ Lively club are hoping to hold a garden tour during that weekend. Garden tours, sponsored by the club, have continued to grow in popularity in recent years.

Kids — There would be plenty of activities for children in a kid’s zone planned by Pope John Central Catholic schools.

Hall — Dave Hoefer said the KC Hall would be available for organizations wishing to use the facility for Q125 fundraising events leading up to the celebration without charge.

Theatre — Reicks and Reestman mentioned the possibility of holding some type of dinner theatre or cabaret fundraiser either before or as part of the celebration.

Carnival — Elgin Community Club president Jeremy Young said the club will foot the bill to bring a carnival to town for that weekend.

Bank robbery — Keith Heithoff suggested a number of ideas ranging from a four-wheeler obstacle course where husbands and wifes could compete. The event has been popular in other communities as one spouse is blindfolded while the other offers directions to navigate the course. Another idea he suggested was to stage a bank robbery each day of the event, reflecting a different era in Elgin’s past. Other money makers he spoke about were ‘Bossy’ Bingo, Jail & Bail and the making of a new Elgin History Book.

Wall — Ray Payne said veterans’ organizations would like to bring the Viet Nam ‘Moving Wall’ to Elgin for the weekend.

These events are just some of the things being considered. Anyone with an idea or would like to join in the planning of the celebration should contact a committee member.

If anyone that could not attend the meeting and would have suggestions for the event, they can contact one of the Q125 Steering Committee: Jessie Reestman 843-5556, Donna Mackel 843-5514, Gwen Koinzan 843-2257, Lisa Meers 843-8356, or Alan Reicks 843-2413.