Q125 Parade Route Announced

It could arguably be the biggest parade ever to be held on the streets of Elgin, but to get there registrations had better pick up soon.
Q125 parade organizer Bev Clark said Monday approximately 40 entries have been received so far for the headline event of the last day of the celebration, June 22. Perhaps it’s because of the weather, maybe people believe they can just show up and be part of the event, but all parade entries need to register prior to the event, and definitely not at last minute.
Parade organizers have made it simple to register for the parade. They can do so online by going to www.elginreview.com. Once there, go down the left side of the page to where the Q125 emblem appears. Click on it, save on your computer and go to the first page and fill out the form, then hit the “submit” button. That’s all one has to do to register.
“We need a complete description of your entry,” Ms. Clark says to potential parade participants. The description will be used at announcing stands to introduce your entry to parade watchers.
“We want to ‘entertain’ parade viewers,” she said about the descriptions. “This is what I would like to know about the parade entry.”
Clark said she would like to have the parade entries as soon as possible to better organize the event. The parade, she said, will be limited to the first 150 entries received.
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