Q125 Committee Receives Big Donations

The Elgin Q125 committee expressed gratitude recently for several huge donations they received.
Tri-Valley Electric recently donated $5,000 to the committee. Also, the Elgin Ko-Ed Group donated $1,500 to the Q125 efforts.
The Elgin Q125 committee is a small group of volunteers who are responsible for planning the Q125 events. However, behind the scenes, there are many hidden costs to ensure these events happen.
Tents, bleachers, porta-potties, staging sound systems, advertisement, trash, entertainment, overriding insurance costs are just a few of the expenses the Q125 committee is covering.
Small fundraisers such as calendar sales, pageant, t-shirts, monopoly boards and shaving permits have helped get our feet off the ground, but these generous added donations will prove helpful in so many ways.
With a little less than a year to go, continued efforts will be made to raise funds for the celebration, but thanks to donations such as these our load became a little lighter. Thanks!
Q125 committee members are Jessie Reestman, Alan Reicks, Greg Tharnish, Gwen Koinzan, Donna Mackel, Todd Heithoff and Chris Stamp.