Punt, Pass & Kick Winners Announced

Trophies were handed out Sunday afternoon at the local Punt, Pass & Kick competition held at Elgin Field.

Winners were:

12 and 13 year old division

1st Alois Warner, Elgin, 560 feet

2nd Chad Bode, Elgin, 526 feet

3rd Logan Pelster, Bartlett, 471 feet

10 and 11 year old division

1st Liam Heithoff, Elgin, 427 feet

2nd Ashton Evans, Elgin, 378 feet

3rd Kaden Cameron, Elgin, 377 feet

8 and 9 year old division

1st Luke Henn, Elgin, 264 feet

2nd Adam Dreger, Elgin, 260 feet

3rd Cyrus Wells, Elgin, 200 feet

6 and 7 year old division

1st Connor Wells, Elgin, 242 feet

2nd Norman Grothe, Elgin, 196 feet

3rd Paiton Hoefer, Elgin, 182 feet

The District event will be held in Ewing on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.

Thanks to the Elgin Chamber of Commerce for donating the trophies and the Wolfpack football team for running the event.