Proceedings — District #18 Board of Education

Regular Meeting
Distance Learning Room, EPS
November 9, 2016   7:30 p.m.
President Steve Heithoff called the regular November Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Board members present were Doug Jones, Steve Busteed, Laurie Waterbury, Stan Heithoff, and Bob Hoefer.  Also present were Superintendent Dan Polk and Principal Greg Wemhoff.
President Heithoff led the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  Heithoff reminded everyone that a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Law was posted in the meeting room.
School board meeting notice complied with Meeting Notice Policy #204.07
Laurie Waterbury motioned and Doug Jones second to approve the Consent Agenda:  #5-Minutes of Regular Meeting, #6-Adopt the Agenda, #7-Financial Report, #8-Board Bills.  Motion carried, Vote 6-0.
Appeara, Maintenance, $294.55; Ask Supply Co., Instru Expense, $1,968.00; Beckman Lumber, Maintenance, $1,473.83; Binswanger, Maintenance, $110.00; Central NE Rehab, SpEd Expense, $801.30; CVA, Maintenance, $247.01, Transportation, $24.23; City of Elgin, Maintenance, $1,353.51; Corner Service & Tire, Transportation,  $892.20; Cornhusker Intl., Transportation,  $108.87; Dean’s Market, Maintenance, $42.38, Instru Expense, $269.28; Eakes, Maintenance, $92.99; ESU #8, $12,317.60; ESU Coordinating Council, Instru Expense, $550.00; Elgin Equipment, Maintenance, $62.00; Elgin One Stop, Transportation, $634.56, Instru Expense, $38.31; Elgin Review, Board Expense, $53.08, Instru Expense, $541.00; Elite Office Products, Instru Expense, $720.13; GP Comm, Business Expense, $322.35; Green Line Equip., Maintenance, $1,000.00; Hadley-Braithwait, Maintenance, $203.75; Heuer Publishing, LLC, Instru Expense, $94.50; Island Supply, Instru Expense, $92.69; Hiatt School Safety, Maintenance, $250.00; Jerry’s Feed Service, Maintenance, $27.95; LaQuinta Inn, Instru Expense, $97.95; Loup Valley Lighting, Maintenance, $480.05; MARC, Maintenance, $420.65; MSM Enterprises, SpEd Expense, $971.55; NAMLE Title, Expense, $90.00; NASB, Board Expense, $344.00; NCSA, Supt Expense, $700.00; Olson Pest’s, Maintenance, $85.00; Pioneer Drama Service, Instru Expense, $33.75; Playscripts, Instru Expense, $45.71; Pommer, Michael J., Board Expense, $5,700.00, Reimbursement, $3,514.57; Scholastic, Instru Expense, $57.75; Thompson Co., Maintenance, $142.70; US Bank, $3,658.03; Verizon Wireless, Business Expense, $199.20; West Boyd Public School, HAL expense, $349.87;
Total Board Bills: $41,476.85
Nov Payroll: $201,947.92
Total Board Bills/ Payroll: $243,424.77
President Heithoff recognized visitors and asked if the patrons had any comments.  Meghan Veik, Jeanine Jochum, and Angie Miller reported on the State ParaEducator Conference that they had attended in Kearney last month.  They shared some of the information from the sessions that they had attended and thanked the board for allowing them to go.
There was no correspondence.
In Committee Reports, the policy committee had met and will be presenting Policy 400s very soon.  Michael Becker, A.D., presented information from the Wolfpack subcommittee meeting.  JH football will continue having practices after school but will not include 6th grade.  Fall sports awards night will be Sunday night Nov. 20th  in EPS gym.  Senior parents will not be charged admission for Parent’s Night.  Discussion was held on player numbers for football next year.  A decision was made to sell old football uniform tops.   In Supt. Evaluations, the board will go over the completed evaluation with Mr. Polk.  He was thanked for the job he is doing for the school district.
Principal Wemhoff gave a wrap of fall activities and the start of winter activities.  The annual safety review was held and minor suggestions were noted.
In the Supt. Report, Mr. Polk reminded board members to complete the Board Self Evaluation online.  The link will be emailed to them.  He reviewed the Board Goals set at last year’s retreat.  The Annual Financial Report was distributed to all members.  Supt. Negotiations process will begin soon.
In action items, Stan Heithoff motioned and Steve Busteed seconded to accept the audit.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
In discussion items, the board asked Supt. Polk to pursue bids for ground work, new sod, and underground sprinklers at the football field.  He will also check on a new bus purchase.  Supt. Polk reported that bids for school  auditor will be on the next board agenda.
The next regular board meeting will be on Wed. December 14, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the EPS Distance Learning Room.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Steve Busteed and seconded by Laurie Waterbury.  Vote taken was 6-0, motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.
Respectfully submitted.
Doug Jones, Secretary
Paula Jensen, Recorder
-This is a draft copy and does not become official Elgin Public Board minutes until approved at the next regular or advertised meeting.
PUBLISH: November 16, 2016